My name is Tammi and I am the founder of To Kenya Forever. Admittedly though, 'Tammi' is a name I am rarely called these days! I am often known over here as "Mama Upinde", though I also respond to "Mum", "Mummy", "Mrs Patrick" or "mzungu" (meaning white woman!). I am the mother of 2 boys, 1 angel and 22 orphans and abandoned babies, who are now with their forever families. The foundation of all these roles is my husband Patrick, who for 6 years has worked with me to expand my dreams as we add new ones together. Patrick is a Kenyan and I am Australian.

This whole adventure started with a trip to visit my sponsor child in 2007 and expanded beyond my wildest dreams within a very short period of time!

I will go into more details in a blog post but the general brief is that To Kenya Forever has adapted, changed and evolved from an NGO that used to step in to support children, working alongside others, to an NGO which has started it's own projects and welcomed the support of well wishes around the globe, to help the crisis that Kenya has been in for many years.

Our biggest, and most well known project was The Upinde Centre, the orphanage we started for babies in need. After The Upinde Centre closed in 2015, due to circumstances beyond our control, we decided to keep moving forward, trying to make a difference where we can.

Now days, we support as many Upinde children as possible and cherish the memories of those who have found their forever families. We work with local communities to develop ways to improve living conditions and progress in life.

We have now started a nursery school for children who have no other opportunities to attend nursery school, the foundational 3 years before primary. Safari Kids Kindergarten is a school for up to 120 children facing extreme financial or domestic issues and our 2nd year in, we have 60 students and working our way up as we find sponsors. This school is a ZERO COST school for families in need. We screen the families thoroughly and provide education, snacks and a hot lunch daily, all funded by world wide generosity. 

So head over to our projects page and our blog to hear the latest news and the ways in which we try to help others in this world. We hope you will join us on this adventure to help others...after all, a child doesn't choose where they're born!