With thousands of problems, comes thousands of people. That's the simple reality of charity work! 

Unfortunately, there are far too many who misuse the trust given by donors and we don't want to become one of them!

We believe in a few things that I like to think separate us from the con men and women destroying opportunities to bridge the gap between the third world and first world societies.

Firstly, we do not use any donations for administration purposes. How do we do this you might ask?

That brings us quickly to our second belief...honesty!

My beautiful Mama is a major supporter of our work and the assistance and support from her and my husband, makes it possible to use donations where they should be used...not our pockets or to some big company doing the work we can do! 

So there's point number 3...we have zero paid employees within the organization, myself included! We pay salaries to Teachers and school employees only and do not employ any admin, maintenance or unnecessary staff.

Your donations have never and will never support me or my family...we are not rich but we are not in the same situation as those we try and help either!

And lastly, we have learnt over the years to base our projects around what the people need...rather than what sponsors, donors, myself or Patrick believe the need is. This one has taken some time to learn and this year begins some truly people inspired projects that I know will be more successful than ever before! 

Ultimately, I love what I do. I have an amazing husband who works every day to support our family and our passion to help. I have a Mother who believes so strongly in what I do that she let me live rent free for years so I could save to move here. I have a sister who shares posts even when she doesn't know what she's sharing. I have a network of family, friends, strangers and supporters who get together when they can, to do what they can! This is how it works. This is why it works. This is what we're welcoming you to do!