Educating a child...seems simple, right? 

Educating a child begins with first identifying those not in school. From there, it's all about knocking down as many barriers as possible to not only get them in school, but keep them in school. For us, this means a range of strategies! From unique "no shoes, no shirt, no worries" policies, through to home visits, family support, providing medication, contributing to medical bills, having extra clothes at school and always working towards bridging the gaps. $10 per child covers the basic cost of being in school. A quality Teacher, an assistant per class, books, pencils, school resources and water. 

A combined sponsorship with Belly Buddies is always encouraged if possible!



We are happy to say that we are ready for volunteers wanting to visit!!!

With a 2 week minimum, minimal program cost structure, volunteers must be ready to jump in where needed and be prepared for a hands-on, heart felt adventure. You must be over 18 years old, or over 10 with a parent. 

We do not allow one day visits unless arranged as a special day for the children (eg, we don't allow "looksies" whereby tourists come to see and take happy snaps...instead, groups wanting to visit can 'host' a day for the kids and enjoy their company, rather than their photos).



Belly Buddies keep bellies FULL in school! Snacks are $6 a month and a hot lunch is $12.30 a month. If you choose to do both, that $18.30 keeps one child fully fed and moving away from malnourishment, into a world of opportunity! 

As we try to keep up with so many children and related sponsor updates, you are welcome to cover the child's entire school needs with $28.30 a month, which caters to education AND food, therefore covering a complete, all round education and care!



Donations can be one-off, regularly, sponsorship or towards a project. You can see what we're up to or suggest your own use for your money!  


To Kenya Forever loves gossip!!! 

We encourage you to talk about us, tell others your experience with us, share the children's stories. We are an open book...we have nothing to hide and everything to share. 

Sharing the cause is helping the cause and this can have a major impact on how many people in this big wide world that we can reach!