There are a few ways to donate and it's all made much easier with our Australian Bank Account AND Mpesa for other countries!

So, if you are in Australia, you can walk on in to any NAB (or get fancy with Internet Banking!) and donate to:

To Kenya Forever

BSB: 082-677

Account Number: 83-329-4859

             Then just reference how/where you want your money used!

If you are from outside Australia, we encourage the use of (a really cool website that allows you to send to us for FREE - both for you and us!!)

When you jump on that site, it will ask you to download the app. From there, you can send to our Mpesa Account using either mine or Patrick's name. 

For me, it's: Tammisan Fenwick - +254 791 273 562 & for Patrick, it's +254 720 412 989

                                     (Both get to where it's needed...the school!)

If neither of the above options work for you, please email us and we will find a way!